First Flexi- Rod Set

So, last night I decided to try a flexi-rod set for the first time ever.  I've used flexi-rods on numerous occasions to curl my ends for my twist outs but I never tried a full flexi-rod set.  I must say they are very uncomfortable to sleep in.  But, I think the rod set came out nice for my first time. I can't wait to see it as the curls start to fall.  I love a rod set the older it gets.  

I started on freshly washed and air dried hair.  I used about 20 Flexi- Rods, Carols Daughter Setting FoamShea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Pink EcoStyler gel because I ran out of the Olive Oil EcoStyler.  I must say my curls are soft and bouncy.  I really like it even though the curls are a little tight for me.

My technique!

  1. Took a medium size portion of my hair 
  2. Added the Setting foam first and worked into my hair 
  3. Then I used a mixture of the Curl Enhancing Smoothie with the Eco Styler Gel to add moisture to my hair.
  4. From there I used my Denman brush to smooth out any knots and tangles in my hair.
  5. Then I added my the flexi rods.  I focused on my ends first making sure they were smooth and tight so I would not have any frizz.  I rolled my hair up in a spiral and secured the rods. 
  6. Added my bonnet and went to sleep!
  7. Next Day, I used some coconut oil on my hands to unravel and separate my hair. 

I hate taking selfies :(


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