Flexi Rod Update

Hey Peeps!  I just wanted to share a update about my flexi rod set.  It's been 5 days and my rod set is still holding up really nice. I have fallen in love with flexi rods.  I love the curls, I love that I didn't have to do anything all week but shake & go :) and I love the versatility.   I am definitely adding flexi rod sets to my hair rotation.   
To maintain my hair this week all I did was add some oil to my scalp at night and slept in a satin bonnet.  
In the morning I rubbed my sheacoco butter mix to my curls and that was it.
Also, I made sure I wore a satin bonnet under my hat.

Tomorrow is wash day but I am enjoying my hair too much. So, I think I am going to skip this wash day and see how long this set actually last.


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